Helping Service Based Businesses Optimize, Prepare, and Navigate a Successful Exit.

The Northing Group is a financial & operational strategy consultancy built to guide small business owners through the exit process. We only represent sellers. We are passionate about the science of business. We insist on delivering results.

You will find we are a rare blend of strategy, design and execution. Our value proposition is measured in our ability to listen, observe, and roll up our sleeves to help businesses quickly optimize and position for an exit they are excited about.



The secret to maximizing an exit multiplier is in the ability to optimize financial and operational performance at a level that validates the story of opportunity and value.



Decision Engine

Within the first 6 weeks you will have a full and clear view of your current market value and operational break-points, allowing you to clearly see the gaps hindering your value potential, and a customized exit strategy to not only right the ship, but position for an increased multiplier.


Validation Engine

This is the implementation phase where velocity is added to the momentum generated by the Decision Engine. We leverage our process implementation expertise to insure your optimization efforts quickly support the exit strategy.


Cash Engine

Now that you’ve executed the optimized exit strategy, we begin to take you to market. We tap into our deep network of private equity firms, private investors, and business owners to source the right kind of buyer for your business.


Meet Beau Murray

Beau earned a BBA in Management with minors in Marketing and Economics from Montana State University before spending over 15 years in the mining, energy, and manufacturing industries. He held executive management roles in operations, business development specializing in asset development, turnarounds, and strategic acquisitions.

Prior to founding The Northing Group, Beau built and exited an 8-figure marketing agency which served as a strategic partner to several national organizations.

Beau currently resides in Tyler with his wife (Sarah) and two sons (Blake & Ryan).


Meet John Morrison

John earned a BBA in Accounting and a Master of Taxation from Baylor University. He holds Texas CPA, CVA, and a Real Estate Broker licenses, and is an active participant in several professional and charitable organizations.

Prior to joining The Northing Group, John held senior leadership roles for national companies which include a multi-billion dollar holding fund. Additionally, John founded The Morrison Firm, a successful financial management consultancy.

He has a record of delivering outstanding financial performance, leading investment based growth strategy, and helping businesses create generational sustainability.

John currently resides in Tyler with his wife (Ashley), Daughters (Avery & Tatum), and dog (Earl).


Exit Experience

Built an agency from $2MM to $11MM in one year maintaining an average operating profit margin of 35% before exiting.


Waste Identification 

Helped a franchise owner find and capture $300,000 in bottom line profit within our first two weeks together.


Value Creation 

Increased balance sheet equity of a privately held mineral asset from $40MM to $450MM with no outside investment.


Revenue Optimization

Helped a regional distributor client increase profit margin from 8% to 20% following installation of their decision engine.


Schedule Your Free Analysis Session


We schedule a 45 minute analysis call. During our call we will show you what your current market potential is and which performance metrics are impacting your market value.

You take the strategies we share and execute them on your own.


We partner with you to build a customized exit strategy that immediately sets you in motion for an exit on your terms.



The alternative to an exit strategy is a shut down. Let’s make sure it doesn’t come to that.